Getting the right equipment for the job is safer and easier when you work with Teknoxgroup. Based on our experiences we will guide you through the buying process, we will help you choosing the right equipment for your need.

You will receive high-quality support: Teknoxgroup knows the importance of equipment maintenance and support. You can count on Teknoxgroup to have an advanced level of experience and expertise in Cat equipment, which will allow it to last longer in your care.

Increase job efficiency and reliability: Cat Used equipment helps you get more done, which means faster turnaround times on completed projects. Thorough inspections help protect your investment so you can enjoy the most significant gains from each machine or tool.

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Or you need a bigger choice, and you would like to check even larger range of used machines? Check MyTractor, the TESYA group portal, where you will find a wide range of machines, gensets and engines.


CAT Certified Used "CCU" machines are characterized by conditions of use and maintenance that ensure a new, long and reliable operational life:

  • Known origin
  • We guarantee that the machines have not exceeded the maximum number of hours or years provided for each model.
  • Dobro stanje podvozja in pnevmatik z do najmanj 50 % preostankom življenjske dobe
  • Over 140 points were inspected and serviced, using only genuine Cat parts, fluids and filters.
  • Up to 12 months warranty on power train and hydraulic system

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